Miraizon has released Cinematize 3.01and Cinematiz Pro 3.01, new versions of the DVD clip extractor and converter products. They’re now compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

Cinematize 3 is an introductory product that includes everything necessary to start DVD extraction and conversion projects, says Miraizon founder and CEO, David Salamon. It allows users to extract audio and video clips off of DVDs and convert them into many popular formats.

Those include QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Keynote, PowerPoint, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, and iPads as well as formats suitable for web sites such as YouTube. Cinematize is a subset of Cinematize 3 Pro, which sports even more features.

Free updaters for both Cinematize 3.01 and Cinematize 3.01 Pro for Macintosh are
available at http://www.miraizon.com/support/downloads.html . For new users pricing is US$59.95 and $129.95, respectively, for the downloadable versions. Demos are also available.