Winter Wolves has released Spirited Heart Girl’s Love, an expansion of the standard game Spirited Heart. It adds six new beautiful and interesting female characters to date, each one with her own personality and life goals, increasing the original number of romanceable characters to 12.

In addition, each character will react differently based on the race you’re playing as, offering different dialog choices and final marriage endings. The old marriage endings present in the original game have been updated as well, featuring a total of 36 different marriage outcomes.

The expansion and the standard game are now a unique installer, and you can choose to purchase both versions or only one. You can download the demo and buy the game (US$19.99) from Winter Wolves website at . The game uses a one-time online activation so there are no extra downloads required.

If you already own the original Spirited Heart game, you can buy the expansion with 50% off discount. Enter the email you used to purchase the game to see a 50% off coupon that you can use to buy Girl’s Love.