Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

“As Apple’s yet-to-be-made-official fall festivities approach, we’ve heard that Apple has begun iOS 5 and iCloud training with retail store employees. According to these sources, training is done through a new section inside of the company’s recently released internal RetailMe application.” — “9to5Mac” (

“There are certainly no shortage of reasons to believe Sprint will be carrying the iPhone 5 when it launches early this October. The latest sign pointing in that direction comes courtesy of Beatweek which reports that Apple has started contracting out the installation of signal boosting repeaters in its stores so that prospective Sprint iPhone users can give the network a good test run.” — Edible Apple (

“Police officers and Apple Inc. (AAPL) employees recently visited a San Francisco residence in a search for a prototype of one of the tech giant’s devices that had been traced to a local home, but left empty-handed.” — “Wall Street Journal” (

“Deutsche Telekom began accepting pre-orders for Apple’s next generation iPhone model on Tuesday even though the product hasn’t been announced. The reasoning behind offering pre-orders for a device that’s still a rumor, according to the cell service provider, is to help avoid supply issues when the iPhone 5 finally does ship.” — “The Mac Observer” (