Posted by Greg Mills

While there is still blood in the water from the HP TouchPad disaster, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is making news, due to a give away program Best Buy is offering this weekend. It seems when you buy certain large Screen TV sets, Best Buy will give you Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for free. That’s right, absoultely free.

When new high tech hardware is used as a grab bag item, you know it must be a real dog in the retail market. Samsung has been stung by import bans due to patent infringement that have been on and off for the last two weeks. However, hardware being seen as “hard to sell” in the market place is far worse than simply having a bit of legal trouble, just ask HP.

While the most recent Samsung Android OS handsets are selling briskly, the Galazy Tabs may not fare so well against Apple’s iPad 2. Consumers who hear about the HP Palm TouchPad being recalled are going to think long and hard before putting out their hard earned cash to buy anything but an iPad. Apple is hoping to stop the new Samsung Android phones at the dock, which are scheduled to be released at the end of the month in the US.

To add injury to insult, some HP engineers souped up the Palm Web OS to run on an iPad and the hardware differences between the HP TouchPad and stock iPad were such that the iPad 2 ran the Web OS twice as fast as the HP TouchPad it was designed to run on. Then, those engineers released the data. Sounds like HP may be letting some engineers go.