Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

AngryOrange has announced Just a Ball , an US$0.99, physics-based, puzzle adventure for iOS devices. Players use problem solving skills and accuracy to get a soccer ball from its starting position into a box with a single shot. It features 21 sequentially more challenging levels.

Catglo has released Dash & Ditto’s Playground 1.0, a $2.99 children’s playground app for iOS devices. The 7-in-1 game pack teaches preschool kids basic counting through this digital version of classic playground games. Players join Dash & Ditto and their 10 animal friends in their journey through the playground.

EquationPlotter has introduced KineMath 1.0 for iPad users. The $7.99 app provides a method of interactively studying algebra, precalculus and calculus functions. The tool allows students to work with equations, plotting and graphs, in real-time, for better understanding of the functions encountered in these subjects. Resulting graphs can be exported to other applications, emailed, or saved to the photo library.

Roland Leth has launched iWordJuggle 1.0, a word scrambling game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the $0.99 app, you’re given a total of 15 words, from which you will choose three. These will be your game words; juggle their letters around and create as many new words as you can.

AppsAsia has debuted Secret of Chateau de Moreau 1.0 for iOS. The $4.99 app features an interactive murder-mystery narrative; players navigate through the twists and turns of the story by completing over 100 puzzles. The individual choices of the player, including his or her interactions with other game characters, determine which of the 40 alternate endings become the ultimate fate of Antoine Moreau.

XG Media has unleashed Timor the Alligator. In the $1.99 children’s app, Timor enjoys playing all day and like any other good alligator, eats his broccoli for lunch. When it’s time for bed, Timor picks up a toothbrush, applies toothpaste and brushes his teeth for a perfect alligator smile, serving as an example for children.

IndiPub has rolled out Fractal: Make Blooms Not War for the iPad. More than just a puzzle game, the $1.99 is set in a sentient world that fails and prospers alongside the player. Fractal: Make Blooms Not War features 30 levels, 60 puzzles and music created by Cipher Prime’s new MusicBox audio engine.

Aesop has given birth to Fertility Clock 1.0, for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created specifically for women, the $1.99 app charts the monthly menstrual cycle and predicts when a woman will ovulate each month. It also records medical and fertility symptoms like spotting, cramps, flow, and waking temperature. Fertility Clock comes complete with charts, log books, and monthly calendars.

Elgato is offering its HDHomeRun PRIME for the iPad 2. The $17.99 appworks in conjunction with the Silicondust HDHomeRun PRIME line of CableCard-enabled network tuners and enables users to stream and record live premium cable TV to iPad 2.