Makers of, well, just about any tablet besides the iPad are expected to cut the prices to deal with inventory overstock problems, reports “DigiTimes” ( The problem, of course, is weaker-than-expected sales.

This is expected to trigger a new price war within the tablet industry, adds “DigiTimes,” quoting unnamed “sources from notebook players. Most non-Apple tablet players had weaker-than-expected performances and Asustek, which had a rather better performance, had shipments of 700,000 tablets from May to July with actual sales only reaching 500,000 units, the article adds.

RIM and High Tech Computer (HTC) are already placing their hopes in 2012 with Samsung and Motorola both seeing their tablet demand weaker than expected, while some other players such as Acer are gradually reducing their orders, says “DigiTimes.” The article adds that Motorola, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Asustek and Acer have all recently reduced their tablet price.