Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store ( has announced New Chinese HSK for iPad, an USS$4.99 learning app that allows you to study all vocabulary and pronunciation for the new HSK levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 comprising more than 1200 words. The new Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test designed by the Center of Beijing Language and Culture University.

3dot5 has released Rugby 2011 for iPhone, iPod touch and Rugby 2011 HD for iPad. The application is a full guide to Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand, featuring information about venues, teams, pools and complete schedules with all the latest rugby news from around the world, including Tri-Nations scores and rankings, ITM cup coverage, NRL coverage and more. RWC live scores and rankings will be available as soon as the first game is kicked off. Rugby 2011 costs $0.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version and $1.99 for the iPad version.

Corbenic Consulting has introduced Sports Speed Gun 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. With the $0.99 app, it’s possible to measure the speed of an athlete on a track, a baseball pitch, a tennis serve, an archers arrow or other moving object configured within the app. It works by timing how long it takes for the target object to travel a particular distance. Included in the app are the set distances required to measure various sports.

Tanu Kush has launched Word Triangle 1.0, a word game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Available for free, the app challenges your word building skills. Each word triangle puzzle consists of seven clues and seven words starting with one letter on top to a seven-letter word at the bottom in a triangle shape.

AppTech Corp has debuted Dice Shooter for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The game is free, and AppTech is currently working on a more advanced version that will be offered to consumers for $0.99.

Passaggio is a $5.99 app that helps you modify your singing on the fly. The tool is deigned to help individuals and voice coaches sing better and train more thoroughly by visually reproducing your notes into digitally recorded notes on a musical staff. Passaggio will transform your singing as you adjust your pitch, volume, and vocal characteristics whenever and wherever you need help.

Readdle has rolled out Card Scanner Pro 1.0, a business solution for the iPhone. The U$6.99 app scans business cards with the Apple smartphone’s camera, recognizes all fields on the card including the person’s name, email address, as well as the postal address and saves those details directly to the Address Book. The whole process takes three steps.

Awyse has developed Talking Potato 1.0, for all iOS devices. In the $0.99 app, you can make Talking Potato laugh, become naked (peeled), back flip, spin, become mashed potato, feed him and even make his hair grow.

The Boxee Box by D-Link now features a new Boxee iPad app — delivering your favorite online videos from the iPad straight to your TV for big screen viewing. In addition to viewing your favorite content on your TV, the free app offers a range of additional features.

Middle School Writing by Niles Technology Group is being reintroduced to the Apple App Store. It’s an $16.99 essay app.