PowerSurge Publishing has just released iWisdom 2.3 for Mac OS X and Windows. The new version now provides the user with a choice of preferences for help with backups:

° Automatic backups each time the program quits, and prior to significant events such as imports;

° Occasional suggestions to perform backups, weekly and prior to significant events;

° Purely manual backups, initiated only at the user’s request.

The latest version of iWisdom also allows the user some choices in terms of how wisdom items are stored:

° Organized within author/title folders, or all at the top level of the collection’s folder, without any subfolders;

° With file names based on each item’s title, or simply numbered sequentially;

° In the original XML format, or in a more easily read and edited format called structured text.

iWisdom is a program that manages a collection of quotations or other brief insights. The program tracks a set of data fields concerning each bit of wisdom, including author, source, year of publication, title and category. iWisdom allows you to view wisdom in a list view (with optional sort fields), a category view, an edit view, and a display mode, which you can use to randomly display a new quotation at set intervals.

iWisdom stores its data in the wisdom XML format, and can publish a wisdom collection in HTML using a series of included XSL templates and cascading style sheets.

A demo version of the program can be downloaded from the PowerSurge Publishing web site (http://www.powersurgepub.com/). Registration is US$14 per user/computer.