News Highlights

* New multi-file and folder upload with drag and drop interface;

* Custom user interface “skins” for SeeFile browser interface;

* Universal binaries for PowerPC G4 and G5 and Intel-based Macintosh computers;

* Leverages CoreData, CoreImage for high imaging performance;

* Dramatically streamlined installation process;

* Full-featured product available from $399;

* For more information, visit the SeeFile website
( or contact their Boston offices at

SAN FRANCISCO — January 4, 2007 — At the annual Macworld event in
San Francisco, SeeFile Software LLC is introducing the third
generation of its web-based creative collaboration tool, which allows
instant web sharing and messaging around large media files. This new,
Universal software which runs natively on either Intel-based or
PowerPC-based Macs, turns any Macintosh computer into an interactive
webserver for those media files, with support for remote access from
anywhere on the Internet via standard browsers like Safari, Firefox
and Internet Explorer.

SeeFile Quote

“We’ve been thrilled with the market’s response to previous versions
of the software,” said Sam Bogoch, CEO of SeeFile. “We’re excited to
introduce this new feature-packed version which really takes full
advantage of the powerful hardware and software technologies built
into the Mac platform.”

Apple Quote

“The blazing speed of our Intel-based Macs provides a significant
performance boost to all Universal applications running natively,”
said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. “We’re thrilled that SeeFile Software is now shipping a
Universal version of its collaborative workflow product so creative
professionals can take advantage of the stunning performance of Mac
OS X on Intel-based Macs.”

The SeeFile 3.0 software leverages the unique capabilities of Apple’s
Mac OS X software platform and Macintosh hardware to deliver a
simple, elegant tool for communication between creative professionals
in the print, photography and video communities, and with their
clients. As files are updated on the system running SeeFile, the
software automatically creates thumbnail and preview images and a
browser-based representation of the folder system.

SeeFile User Quote

One user of the software, Igor Perchuk, president of Image Source
Productions, has been able to replace both clumsy FTP transfers and
limited email attachments with SeeFile. “My customers are able to
review and download proofs if I allow them to, upload their own
graphical files to the same folders, and communicate approvals with a
click. It’s a phenomenal way to handle a range of client
communication issues that in the past, have really limited small
graphics firms like mine. I’ve been looking for something like this
for years.”

Free Upgrades Available

Previous versions of SeeFile required third-party database software
to be loaded prior to installation; however, SeeFile 3.0 takes
advantage of the Core Data functionality included with Mac OS X to
allow both a one-step installation process and rapid, sophisticated
metadata handling after installation. SeeFile 3.0 is a free release
for owners of earlier versions of the software with an annual upgrade
contract, in keeping with the company’s “no-surprise” policy.

About SeeFile

SeeFile LLC is a software development company based in Boston. Its
president, Sam Bogoch, was previously CEO of Torque Systems and was
recognized by Electronic Publishing Magazine as one of its 100 Minds
on the Millennium. SeeFile has received rave reviews from a number of
prepress and photography magazines, including Seybold Reports, Studio
Photography and Design, Shutterbug and Big Picture Magazine. More
information at: (