Appsbar has added appsCoupon for businesses as an added option for their free-to-build apps. Now anyone can develop and send coupons, incentives, or timely deals straight to their most loyal customers, says co-founder Scott Hirsch.

The appsCoupon option can be added to any appsbar app at . Here a growing community of businesses are designing, publishing and sharing their own digital coupons.

“We’re excited that we’re able to give businesses a free way to build and publish their own professional-level apps — and this new opportunity to eliminate the third-party hassles has given a whole new way for businesses to serve their customers,” Hirsch says.

appsCoupon builds on the calendar, menus, soundboard, graphics and GPS capabilities of appsbar. Businesses can make coupons in real time, at any time, with whatever level of discount they want to offer on whatever products they choose. Within minutes, a business can alert their customers through their app of long-term or limited time coupons and promotions.

The app user will be notified on their mobile phone that a coupon is available. With no need to print a coupon, the user simply shows the coupon, either simply presenting the onscreen image at the store or allowing the business to scan the bar code or QR codes that can be added.

AppsCoupon can be added to any appsbar app, which can be built using a Mac, tablet or PC. Once an appsbar app coach has made sure the app meets the guidelines of individual app platforms, the app is submitted for approval for anyone to download for free at both the Apple App Store and Android Market.