Posted by Greg Mills

The convergence of cell phones, computers and the internet have been fertile ground for all manor of good things. “There is an app for that” has been something nice to hear. Long ago, Apple figured out that killer apps are what drives device sales.

It seems like threats to privacy are increasing exponentially lately. Now when a cop wants to check your identification he calls in your driver’s license number and someone on the other end of the radio looks you up on a police computer system. Soon they radio back anything he might need to know.

Soon, there will be an app for that. An add-on device that hooks up to an iPhone can bypass the radio and compare your image to a facial recognition data base and your information pops up on the iPhone screen.

The app also allows for an iris check and even runs your finger prints. All in a hand held form using an off the shelf iPhone. The device that clips on to the iPhone is similar to credit card scanners and the like. The device sells for $3000 a pop.

This app isn’t found in the App Store, yet. Shoot, why pay $3000 when Google already has the technology to compare a picture to a vast data base using facial recognition software. Google is holding the ready to launch technology back until the legalities are sorted out. Big brother is on the horizon.