TORONTO, CANADA–AUGUST 26, 2005–iSkin Inc., a leading provider of iPod
accessories, today announced the availability of its iSkin Shuffle Duo, the
world’s first dual layer protective skin covering engineered specifically
for the immensely popular iPod Shuffle. The iSkin Shuffle Duo features a
unique design that includes both an inner and outer skin that combine to
create the perfect barrier against impurities and even moisture.

iSkin Shuffle Duo ensures that the music keeps pumping no matter what is
going on around you. The iSkin’s moisture resistant design is made of
durable, flexible and long-lasting high-grade silicone and leaves all
control buttons accessible for easy access and uninterrupted playtime. The
iSkin Shuffle Duo’s form-fitting, contoured design is available in two
distinct colors: ADRENALINE (a vitalizing outer blue layer combined with an
energizing inner green layer), VIGOR (a intense red outer layer with a
frosted clear inner layer), OXYGEN (a refreshing frosted clear outer and
inner layer) and IMPULSE (a strong grey with a frosted clear inner layer).

iSkin Shuffle Duo leaves all control buttons accessible, as well as the
operation status and battery lights visible. The new iSkin features an
integrated headphone port cover and includes a high quality custom neck
strap. iSkin Shuffle Duo is the perfect companion for Shuffle enthusiasts
and is targeted towards those with active lifestyles. It is priced at
US$19.99 and available from The iSkin Shuffle Duo will be
available at retail locations shortly after its debut.

About iSkin
iSkin Inc. introduced its first iSkin iPod protector in September 2002,
creating a new and fashionable way to protect the iPod without sacrificing
the functionality and aesthetics of the device. Today, iSkin is highly
favored among iPod owners. With a growing line of innovative protective
solutions for the iPod, PowerBook and other Apple products, iSkin is
committed to delivering the best protection using the most advanced
technology available. For more information about iSkin, visit