IOGEAR (, has announced the USB Theater Sound Xperience (GUADT51), an USB audio adapter with DTS Surround Sensation | Headphone technology.

Connecting directly to a computer’s USB 2.0 port, the IOGEAR USB Theater Sound Xperience simulates a surround sound experience on stereo headphones or speakers.Utilizing a transparent vacuum tube-style design, it takes two-channel (stereo) audio and processes it with DTS Surround Sensation/Headphone technology to give the effect of sounds occurring outside the boundaries of two channels, according to Bill Nguyen, senior marketing manager for IOGEAR. Audio cues such as special frequencies, volume intensity and time delay help create the USB Theater Sound Xperience, he adds.

Audio that is already encoded in 5.1-channels gains more life with the LFE (low frequency effect) mixing, which enables low frequencies to be mixed with front channels for superior performance. The result is a three-dimensional wall of DTS virtual surround sound that exceeds the limitations of just two channels, says Nguyen.

The USB Theater Sound Xperience retails for US$39.95. It’s available from, and other online retailers.