DTP Tools has released a beta version of its Annotations plug-in (www.dtptools.com/annotations) for Adobe InDesign. A

It allows a user to import notes and comments from PDF into its source InDesign file. The plug-in can match different pagination of the PDF and indd documents, so you user export just one page PDF for proof, or import notes from a whole book PDF to a single chapter file.

Annotations can also process pdf exported as spreads. For successful import of text edits and space dependent notes, the documents need to be identical. After the import, the text edits are listed in a panel where they can be approved or rejected one by one or as a bulk for the entire document.

The Annotations plug-in is sold for US$79 per license. A 14–day trial version for InDesign CS3-CS5.5, and for Mac OS and Windows, is available for download. If you try the public beta version, remember that beta software is unfinished software so use with care.