AppMobi ( has unveiled appFlash, a new web-based application that allows Adobe Flash websites, ads and apps to be converted to native iOS apps.

This experimental utility is available to any developer and leverages appMobi’s cloud-based cross-platform native app “build” service. With appFlash, HTML5 code is uploaded and compiled into native binary apps that are ready to submit to the Apple App Store, purportoedly without the need to set up and learn the Apple platform’s development tool stack.

Adobe Flash files are uploaded to Google Labs’ “SWIFFY” website (, which ingests Flash assets in the .SWF file format and outputs HTML5 files. appFlash then allows users to view and touch up the converted HTML5 using the appMobi XDK software.

Users can even test the HTML5 directly on their iOS device using appMobi’s AppLab. Users can then build the app as a native code app for the Apple App Store with a single click using appMobi’s cloud-based build system, says Sam Abadir, appMobi chief technical officer. AppFlash is available free on the appMobi web site.