Universal Electronic Accessories (http://www.uniea.com) says its soon-to-be-released line of new iPhone 4 cases will all offer a new feature that eliminates the discoloration problem that many iPhone 4 users have experienced when taking flash photos with their new device.

A flash-optimized camera lens cut-out was developed by Uniea’s designers after extensive research and design efforts to determine the source of the discoloration problems associated with the iPhone 4 when taking flash photos in the dark, according to Jefferey Chan, brand director at Unia. Testing by the company’s designers determined that in order to avoid discoloration when taking HD photos with the iPhone 4’s LED flash, the camera lens cutout on an iPhone 4 case must feature a custom shape and design.

Uniea’s camera lens cutout will be a standard feature on all three of their new iPhone 4 cases that will arrive in mid-October.