Ergonis Software ( has released KeyCue 5.3, an update of the keyboard shortcut “cheat sheet.” The new version adds an optional legend that explains the meaning of symbols used in the shortcut table.

KeyCue uses the same key symbols that are used throughout Mac OS X, but some of these are obscure and need an explanation, especially for users who are new to the Mac. Switchers will particularly appreciate the new legend, according to the folks at Ergonis. Like the shortcut table itself, the legend is compact and context-sensitive.

What’s more, KeyCue 5.3 disables itself in Screen Sharing in order not to interfere with a copy of KeyCue running on the remote Mac. The new version also increases compatibility with iKey, Eclipse, iChat and other third-party applications, and it improves overall performance, particularly during collection of complex menu structures and in cases when KeyCue was invoked multiple times in a row.

KeyCue 5.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. The upgrade to KeyCue 5.3 is free for anyone who has purchased KeyCue in the last two years. For new users the cost is US$29 for a single user license.