AMG has released Beat Producer (, a loop editing virtual instrument for musicians, producers, DJs and rappers.

It offers a range of loop editing features, allows access to AMG’s libraries and brings together industry standard formats, including REX files, Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV file. Key features of Beat Producer include:

° The ability to import industry standard loop files;

° Control of tempo and pitch;

° The ability to examine loop waveforms and edit slices individually within the loop’s groove using the additional groove- locked work track if desired;

° A 32 part TR-Style step sequencer available on each rack;

° The ability to assign MIDI control of most parameters for real-time, interactive control;

° Two stereo groove tracks and 32 step sequencer tracks in each of its eight racks, making 272 tracks per instance;

° The inclusion of 64-bit, fully editable audio effects processors and three pages of synth processing per rack;

° A customizable loop browser with multiple library locations and user definable filters.

Beat Producer is available for download for US$49 with no library, or $99 with the 3500+ Loop Core Library.