Paradigma Software has released Valentina 4.9, an update of the cross platform columnar database system. The upgrade includes several new features and improvements, including Query Statistics Profiling and Client Caching of Server-Side Cursors.

Query Statistics Profiling allows database administrators to diagnose performance bottlenecks in queries. Client Caching of Server-Side Cursors allows any Valentina Client to cache data from server-side cursors.

Valentina DB 4.9 incorporates improvements for XML exports, SQL dump import and exports, highly efficient macros for C++ developers, 64 bit signed .NET development, and compatibility with REAL Software’s REAL Studio Web Edition. It also includes improvements in layouts, including expressions within the HTML control, aspect control of embedded and field pictures.

Valentina Studio is Paradigma Software’s visual database development tool for database design, administration and visual report building — both for local databases as well as remote servers. Previously exclusive to Valentina DB format only, Valentina Studio now allows SQLite users to administrate, query and run visual reports with the public domain SQLite database engine.

SQLite support is currently available in the “no-risk, free-to-use” Valentina Studio Pro on Mac OS X and Windows. Valentina DB is columnar database technology. Valentina Reports is a component that enables rich, visual business reports, for local databases or generated from a server.

Valentina Office Server combines a business ready server solution on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and includes Valentina Studio Pro for database creation, reports design and analysis. Valentina Office Server begins at $299.99, with an unlimited version at $1,499.99. Valentina 4.9 products are immediately available on the Valentina technology web site (