Carsten Mielke has updated TileWindows, a Mac OS X toolbar application for moving and zooming multiple application windows simultaneously, to version 1.2. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher on an Intel-based Mac.

TileWindows is a window management tool developed to provide a quick way to rearrange and resize windows as and when required. Three new functionalities have been added to the new version that give users more options to tailor window sizes and positions to their individual needs.

The new features — “Up and down,” “Side by side” and “1 Left 2 Right” — let users organize the last two or three active windows on the screen in a preset pattern through a menu command or a keyboard shortcut. The “Undo” function, which also has been added, lets users try different window arrangements with fewer clicks.

Getting support or giving comments on TileWindows 1.2 has also been improved. A built-in emailing function “Send me an email” opens a new message addressed to the developer in the user’s standard email program.

TileWindows can be bought at a 20% discount for US$7.99 on the Mac App Store or on the developer’s website ( The regular price after the introduction offer expires will be $9.99.