StorageRoom ( from Thriventures is a new cloud-based CMS that serves content to mobile applications on multiple platforms.

Native mobile applications require content in raw formats such as XML or JSON, while current content management systems are focused on taking content and serving it as unstructured HTML, says Thriventures founder Sascha Konietzke. StorageRoom has been developed by experienced iOS developers and solves this problem by providing a cloud-based CMS optimized for mobile applications, he adds.

With StorageRoom developers configure the required content types by picking various column types, input options and validation rules. Editors can then manage the content in a web-based interface and developers can query the RESTful API (application programming interface) from their mobile applications.

In addition, content can be exported from StorageRoom and distributed with the application itself for offline access and synchronization. All of this is cloud-based and set up in minutes, says Konietzke.