Zoo Entertainment has announced plans for its indiePub label to release Kona’s Crate (http://macte.ch/3b58U), a physics-based title, this summer for the Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. The Mac and PC versions will cost US$4.99; the mobile device versions will be priced at US$2.99.

Here’s how the game is described: “Kona’s Crate is a physics-based game in which players need to help deliver a crate of celestial supplies to Kona, a star hungry mystic waiting on his island. The crate rests on a jet-powered platform, which players must cleverly maneuver to complete their delivery on time.

“Based in a mystical, hidden world, Kona’s Crate offers plenty of unlockable levels and achievements. Players can choose from a variety of campaigns totaling 60 challenging levels that increase in design and difficulty, with 60 additional levels available through updates. But players shouldn’t let this simple task fool them! Tricky obstacles are set in place to impede progress, forcing players to dodge moving blocks, squeeze through tight spaces and turn sharp corners at blinding speeds. Various obstacles include: static blocks, which remain stationary; TNT blocks, which explode on contact; steam vent blocks, which push gusts of air; and triggering blocks, which can activate and deactivate block behaviors.”