IIDAPT has released the eco-friendly IDAPT i1 Eco. The company says it’s made of recycled materials, meets Energy Star standards, and minimizes the user’s carbon footprint while charging most electronic devices.

The IDAPT i1 Eco charger helps conserve energy through its auto-off system that turns off the charger while not in use and a re-start button to wake it when necessary.  The dual charger can refuel mobile devices while at home or the go via a wall outlet or the included car adapter. Additionally, no chemical painting is used during the manufacturing process in order to ease the process of future recycling. 

The IDAPT i1 Eco has two points of charge: a USB port and a tip port. The “future-proof,” interchangeable tips system makes it compatible with over 4,000 different devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as the BlackBerry, Nintendo 3DS, digital cameras, GPS systems and Bluetooth products.

The IDAPT i1 Eco is available now for US$24.99 at http://www.IDAPTweb.com .  Packaging includes three of the most popular tips: microUSB, miniUSB and iPod/iPhone.  Other tips are available for ordering.