Quark and The Perseus Books Group have entered into an agreement to implement Quark’s dynamic publishing software for book production, with a target launch of early fall.

Through its Constellation service, Perseus will use Quark’s dynamic publishing solution to simplify and automate the process of publishing books across formats. A core feature of the Quark solution is the ability to create a single-source document that can be delivered across multiple types of media. The original book file is created in an e-book compatible format that is ready for export to the Web, social media, and mobile devices without further conversion.

Once implemented, all publishers using Constellation will be able to allow their creators to author structured content easily in a Microsoft Word user interface that does not require knowledge of XML, says David Steinberger, CEO and president of The Perseus Books Group. It also minimizes training and increases productivity by leveraging familiar tools, he adds.

For more information about Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions, please visit: http://www.quark.com/Solutions/Dynamic_Publishing/ .