Recosoft Corp. ( is shipping PDF2ID Standard/Professional 3.1, an upgrade of the PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool for Mac and Windows platforms. PDF2ID converts PDF files to native InDesign documents.

The new version — a free upgrade for version 3.0 users — is compatible with and supports Adobe InDesign CS5.5 in addition to InDesign CS3-CS5. The latest release also includes enhancements in the areas of font mapping, conversion and overall

PDF2ID 3.1 is available immediately from the Recosoft web store in the following configurations: PDF2ID Standard 3.1; US$299; PDF2ID Professional 3.1, $399;
PDF2ID Standard 3.1 Upgrade, $129 (for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees); PDF2ID Professional 3.1 Upgrade, $159 (for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees). Customers who purchased PDF2ID v2.x licenses on/after Aug. 1, 2010, are entitled to a free upgrade to PDF2ID 3.1.