Digital Charts has announced Child Growth Charts 1.1, an update to the US$19.99 parenting application for Mac OS X (10.6 and higher).

Child Growth Charts allows parents to track their child’s growth from 0-36 months. Parents will be able to see how their child compares to the rest of the population with their position and history. Version 1.1 includes an updated user interface, new printing features, bug fixes and updated documentation.

The Child Growth Charts uses official CDC charts; the child’s statistics are super-imposed directly onto the CDC charts for comparison. The charts can be zoomed in and out using the pinch and stretch features of a track pad. All the major measurements used to check a child’s progress are supported in weight, height and head circumference

Metric and American System units are supported with conversion between the two. Records can be kept for all the children in the family. A free trial version is available at the Digital Charts web site (