D-Link — a standards-based unified networking solutions provider — has announced new Cloud Managed products for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a better way to manage their networks.

The D-Link DAP-3525 AirPremier N Dual Band Exterior PoE Access Point powered by CloudCommand, D-Link Insight, and D-Link DIR-605 Fuzion Broadband Aggregation Router leverage Cloud-based automation for remote configuration and monitoring, resiliency, load balancing, and security management that can be outsourced or handled internally, allowing businesses with limited IT resources and budgets to improve the uptime and cost-effectiveness of their networks, says Joe Melfi, director of technical marketing and product manager for Cloud Solutions, D-Link Systems.

D-Link’s Cloud Managed solutions allow small and medium businesses — or the value-added reseller (VAR) or managed service provider (MSP) of their choice — to manage one or many networks remotely via a Cloud portal, he adds. Using the Cloud portal, businesses can take advantage of Cloud efficiencies in network deployments including higher performance and enterprise- class reliability.

The D-Link line of Wi-Fi products powered by CloudCommand has been expanded with the DAP-3525 for outdoor deployment. According to Melfi, it allows VARs to deploy secure, managed Wi-Fi networks with multiple access points faster, and at a lower cost than any other solution in the market.

Features include: selectable dual band 2.4/5Ghz for flexible IEEE 802.11n performance up to 300Mbps; 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE)2 support; secure, segregated guest access, and control privileges for each user. It’s designed for exterior deployments with an IP65 rated enclosure and comes with a one-year subscription to CloudCommand Cloud service.

Insight Cloud Managed Client Security for D-Link Web Smart Switches Insight is a Cloud-based network management solution designed to allow businesses to stop security threats at the source: the user’s computer. Utilizing D-Link DES/DGS-1210 series Web Smart switches, Insight provides a choice of two levels of monitoring individual client computer security compliance: Insight Basic and Insight Plus.

Insight Basic offers network discovery plus: tracking of devices connected to the switch by MAC address, IP and switch port; DHCP OS fingerprinting to authenticate DHCP and DNS servers, routers/gateways and clients; automatic configuration management with backup of switch settings and easy restoration; notification alerts indicating change in device connectivity to the network (e.g., new hardware additions or Web smart switch disconnection); and a one-year subscription to Insight Basic Cloud service. It’s Mac and Windows compatible.

Insight Plus includes the Insight Basic functionality, plus active security monitoring of individual connected devices and extended OS fingerprinting functions, including: Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) for visibility into the compliance of clients to security policy without the complexity of managing a local security serve; report compliance of Mac and Windows clients for OS updates, anti-Virus updates, and firewall status.

It warns both administrator and users of any problems and is designed to ease IT administration burden by avoiding security related system rebuilds. Insight Plus also offers a 30-day trial to the Insight Plus Cloud service.

Designed for or small businesses, remote business branches and SOHO environments, the DIR-605 Fuzion Broadband Aggregation Router delivers increased Internet bandwidth and reliability via Cloud-based failover protection and per-packet load balancing multiple low-cost broadband lines to function as a single Internet connection.

Fuzion is built to improve bi-directional performance and uptime to meet connectivity requirements within constrained IT budgets. Fuzion features include:

° Bandwidth aggregation of multiple broadband Internet connections — both downstream and upstream capacities — for faster download and upload speeds;

° Interoperability with single or multiple ISP providers and broadband types,
including DSL, cable, fiber-based broadband services, and T1;

° Secure traffic exchange through robust encryption, plus WPA/WPA2 for wireless LAN access;

° The ability to implement bandwidth demanding applications like VPN, VoIP, video conferencing, hosted services, and offsite data backup;

° A Cloud portal for centralized administration, management of Internet traffic, monitoring and graphical reporting of status and trends;

° A one-year subscription to the Fuzion Cloud service.

The DAP-3525 is available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$999.99 with a one-year Cloud Service subscription and renewal price of $99.99 per year/AP. Insight Basic and Insight Plus are offered on DES- DGS-1210 series Web Smart switches through yearly subscriptions starting at $49.99 and $179.99 respectively.

DIR-605 Fuzion is available for $399.99 with a one-year Cloud Service subscription and renewal price of $299.99 per year/router. D-Link’s Cloud Managed solutions are currently available in the U.S. and are sold through D-Link’s network including value-added resellers, solutions providers and distributors. For more info go to http://www.dlink.com .