September 27 2006 – Martian Technology has released SlingShot 2.0.3,
an update to its file and music synchronization application for Mac
OS X. SlingShot 2.0.3 fixes several bugs related to synchronizing
music in iTunes 7 between computers connected over a network.
SlingShot is the easiest way to back up all of your important (and
costly) music and to share it among all the computers you own.

Unlike the “iPod reverse sync” now supported by Apple, SlingShot
allows you to synchronize all of your music, not just songs purchased
from the iTunes Music Store.

With Martian SlingShot, you can Publish an iTunes Playlist of music
onto the network and then Subscribe to the Playlist from other
computers. SlingShot will copy over any songs from the Published
Playlist that aren’t in the Subcriber’s iTunes Library, add them to
the Library, and then recreate the Playlist on the Subscriber. Then
it will check periodically to see if the Playlist has been changed;
any changes will be reflected in the Subscriber’s copy of the

SlingShot is also still the simplest way to keep files in sync
between two or more Macs. By incorporating Apple’s “Bonjour”
technology, SlingShot makes finding and connecting to other computers
on a network easy. With SlingShot it is easier than ever to share and
back up your files and music collection on all the Macs you use.

SlingShot 2.0.3 is available as a Universal Binary, supporting both
PowerPC and Intel Macs, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.
SlingShot 2.0.3 is a free upgrade for existing customers; new
licenses can be purchased for $29.99. A free trial version of the
application is available at .