Speck has expanded its SeeThru hard shell case line for the latest
MacBooks with the addition of the company’s first soft-touch
form-fitting case: the SeeThru Satin
This is the latest entry into the company’s growing portfolio of hard
shell designs, which also includes the recently announced Fitted
fashion-wrapped hard shells and updated SeeThru hard shells for the
new MacBook and MacBook Pro.
Designed exclusively for the recently announced new “unibody” MacBook
and MacBook Pro, the SeeThru Satin protects your MacBook “like a
perfectly-sized, custom-fit glove,” says Speck CEO Irene Baran. The
smooth-to-the-touch rubberized exterior coating gives the MacBook a
feeling of comfort and extra grip in your hands, she says.

“With the durable, ultra-thin profile and easy-on/off two-piece hard
shell design, users can shield their notebook from scratches and
bumps while still enjoying access to all key features and functions
including side battery indicator button, trackpad, keyboard and all
connection ports, without the need to remove the case,” Baran says.
“Integrated rubberized feet help stabilize and create extra grip on
slippery surfaces and the shells are fully vented to optimize heat
dissipation from the notebook. SeeThru Satin is the perfect add-on to
personalize and protect your MacBook, whether you’re carrying it
alone or in a sleeve, briefcase, backpack or other bag.”

The SeeThru Satin is available in black, purple, and red, with
additional colors available in January 2009. It has a manufacturer’s
suggested retail price of US$49.95.