The Omni Group has announced the availability of OmniFocus 1.5, an
update to their advanced task management tool. OmniFocus is a
personal productivity application that can be used to implement the
Getting Things Done work-life management method developed by David
Allen, although it is flexible enough to accommodate different styles
of personal organization.

OmniFocus 1.5 now offers synchronization between any number of
OmniFocus for Mac and OmniFocus for iPhone databases via MobileMe or
web server, or locally with Bonjour. A new Style preference pane
offers many options for customizing the appearance of your OmniFocus
data, and you can save and share style settings as theme files.

Also new to OmniFocus 1.5 are several built-in view presets in the
default OmniFocus toolbar, for easy access to due items, flagged
items, the inbox, and more. Inspired by the well-received built-in
views in OmniFocus for iPhone, this new feature provides a more
approachable, pragmatic experience for new and experienced users

Other updates to OmniFocus 1.5 include a number of interface
improvements, performance refinements, bug fixes, and the ability to
archive completed or dropped items into a separate file.

OmniFocus licenses sell for $79.95. Quantity discounts, educational,
and family pricing are available at