A second U.S. Senate hearing over location privacy has been scheduled with Apple and Google reps participating. The goal is to “highlight how well companies notify their customers about when and how their whereabouts are stored and transmitted,” reports “CNET” (http://macte.ch/KT8Pi).

Following the U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing about mobile privacy last week, representatives from the two companies are expected to again appear in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to answer questions from U.S. lawmakers. “CNET” says that the topic of a hearing, put on by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance, is “consumer privacy and protection in the mobile marketplace.”

It’s being led by chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia). On the docket to testify as part of a witness panel is Catherine Novelli, Apple’s vice president of worldwide government affairs. Last time Guy “Bud” Tribble, Apple’s vice president of software technology, around testified.