BaKno Games has announced a casual motorcycle skills game dubbed, well, Motorbike. It’s available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Here’s how the game is described: “Motorbike offers a great number of original tracks, the ability to load a growing number of online tracks, and baKno’s own track editor to create custom tracks. Special detail was placed when designing the physics interactions between obstacles, bike and pilot, all complemented with nice sounds and effects. Motorbike was developed to provide a blast gaming experience.

“Motorbike comes with 40 original tracks, a growing number of online tracks, and a track editor to create custom tracks and share them with other players. Additionally, Motorbike offers some interesting options such as different landscapes for each track, and male or female pilots, each with different outfit colors and bikes.”

Motorbike is available as as free demo from the baKno Games website ( Single seat licenses can be purchased for US$9.95, and a promotional two-seat license is available for $14.95. Alternatively, Motorbike can be fully played by either purchasing Game Coins, or a Subscription Service.