Flying Mac says FarFinder — its remote file access application for the Mac, iPhone and iPad — has been renamed Presence ( and has received an upgrade.

Version 2.0 provides secure access to a Mac’s files, by web browser from any Mac or PC, and by iPhone and iPad using the iOS client. New features include a native iPad client, sharing files with others right from the Mac, bridging between other iOS apps and a remote Mac, round-trip editing for iWork, better connectivity and more.

Presence is a Mac application that provides secure access to the Mac’s files from anywhere on the Internet. Access is by web browser from any Mac or PC using a simple, unchanging URL, and by iPhone and iPad using the iOS client.

Presence runs natively on the iPad. The software offers the ability to pass files between a remote Mac and other iOS apps.

Presence requires OS X 10.6 or higher. Mac OS X 10.5 users can use version 1 of Presence, which has fewer features. iOS devices must be running iOS 4.2 or higher.

Presence costs US$40 for a single-user license or $70 for a family license; business pricing is available on request. EasyConnect, if required, costs an additional $5 per month per Mac. The Presence iOS client can be downloaded free of charge from the iOS App Store, and requires a Mac running Presence to connect to.

Upgrading from version 1 (FarFinder) costs $15 for users who purchased before July 2010, and is free for those who purchased after this. Presence comes with a free 20-day trial period, which includes the ability to use EasyConnect if required.