DssW has released Activity Audit 1.1 for Mac OS X. The app creates a journal of the applications used on a Mac.

This new release refines Activity Audit’s ability to journal when your Mac is in use. Auditing can now be suspended while the Mac isn’t actively used. These periods include when the Mac is sleeping, the display is sleeping, and while the user is Fast User Switched. By suspending auditing during these times, the journal now provides a more accurate picture of when the Mac is really in use, according to Graham Miln, director of DssW.

Activity Audit now includes a status menu to show when auditing is taking place. The status menu provides quick access to Activity Audit and iCal, as well as the option to stop auditing at any time.

Activity Audit creates calendar events as applications are launched and quit. These events create a complete audit trail showing users the applications they were using and when. The resulting calendar provides a visual insight into how a user’s Mac has been used.

Once started, the auditing process runs in the background and doesn’t require Activity Audit to be left running. The audit is restricted to the user who started the process, and that user can opt to exclude specific applications or entire folders of applications. By default, Activity Audit excludes applications located in the System and Library folders.

A 14-day demo is available at the Activity Audio website (http://www.dssw.co.uk/activityaudit/). You can purchase it there or at the Mac App Store for US$8.99. Activity Audio requires Maf OS X 10.6.7 or later.