Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Bram Stolk has announced Superformula 1.0 for iOS. The Superformula, or Gielis-formula was first proposed by Johan Gielis. The formula can be used to define a wide range of shapes, including shapes that occur in nature. The strength of this free application comes from the calculations used to determine the shapes. Superformula 1.0 uses an OpenGL-ES2 vertex shader.

Tapulous, part of Disney Mobile, and Elektra recording artist Bruno Mars have released Bruno Mars Revenge for the iPhone and iPod touch. The US$4.99 app is inspired by the tracks and artwork from the singer/songwriter/producer and his platinum debut album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans,” which has sold more than 14 million singles worldwide.

State Farm is launching a new free mobile application, Driver Feedback, which turns a person’s cell phone into a pocket-sized driving coach. The app, available for the iPhone and iPod touch, provides users individual feedback about their driving habits and then offers tips on how people can drive more safely.

Adrenaline Apps has introduced FavFriends 1.0, its new Facebook iPhone app. Designed to enhance the Facebook experience, the $0.99 app allows users to pick their favorite Facebook friends and family members and get pro-active push notifications whenever they post a new status, photo, link or check-in to a place. When a new status is posted, the pro-active notification takes the user straight to the post where they can respond right away.

Furry Friend Photos has debuted Travesty 1.0, a nonsensical text generating program for iPad. The $0.99 is modeled after a similarly named program found in an ancient personal computer magazine. It analyzes an input text for letter frequencies and sequences, and uses that analysis to form new words that match the original’s sequences.

TapFactory has cooked up TweetyPop 1.0, a Twitter client for the iPad. It’s a $1.99 hybrid between a RSS reader and Twitter client that allows you to clear tweets as you read them. Tweets are displayed in a 3D Twitter-space timeline. As Tweets appear, they sort in the chronological space-time-Twitter continuum. As you read each Tweet, grab it with your finger and fling it off screen.

Bitolithic has served up ThinkBook, a note-taking and outlining app for the iPad. It boasts dashboards, close integration with DropBox and support for multiple note types, text notes, todos, questions and projects. ThinkBook is normally $3.99, but it’s being offered for $1.99 for a limited time.

Wattanasoft has rolled out Immersive French for your iPad and iPhone. The $0.99 app offers features such as: advanced phonetic spelling gets students speaking correctly from the start; interactive multimedia aides the students learning process; unit reviews re-enforce vocabulary; and advanced intuitive sequential learning that builds lessons progressively.

IK Multimedia has created iRig Recorder App for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The $4.99 app offers professional audio recording featuring editing functions and various export options to fit your audio needs. The app captures podcasts and interviews with the ability to record sounds anywhere.

TouchyBooks has collaborated with UNICEF’s office in Spain to create “Momotaro,” an $1.99 interactive story that emphasizes helping those less fortunate and overcoming daunting challenges. With a majority of the eBook’s proceeds ($1.21 per book) going to UNICEF’s work in Japan, Momotaro also allows a child to contribute in his or her own way to the relief effort.

ScrollMotion and Marc Brown Studios are publishing Arthur’s first foray into the digital app world with the unveiling of Arthur Reads, a collection of nine apps based on the popular children’s books. Included in the series is Brown’s first new Arthur book in almost a decade, “Arthur Turns Green,” which costs $0.99 for iOS devices.

Rodale Melcher Media, the Office of Al Gore, and PushPop Press are offering Our Choice App, an interactive digital version of the former Vice President’s book “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.” The iOS app is available for $4.99 for a limited time.

A new iPhone/iPod/iPad app offers practical care pointers and humor every day to America’s diabetics. The $2.99 Shot in the Arm delivers diabetes management advice in brief, simple doses. The care tips alternate with anecdotes and jokes.

Splashtop has unveiled Splashtop Remote Browser. The application allows iPad users to browse the web using the default browser — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome — on their main computer. It supports as-is all the plug-ins, bookmarks, and data stored in the computer-side browser. Splashtop Remote Browser for the iPad is available free and is limited to five-minute sessions. It currently supports browsing via a Windows-based computer. Mac OS support is under development. Consumers can upgrade to the full and unlimited Splashtop Remote Desktop application for $4.99. will begin offering its popular games on mobile devices, starting with Miner Speed on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Miner Speed is’s free jewel switcher game.

e-MedTools has updated E/M Code Check, — their medical coding application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad — to version 1.07. The $34.99 app presents complex medical documentation rules in a clear, concise format and is designed to help physicians understand medical documentation rules to ensure proper payment for the medical services actually delivered.

Thumbstar Games has announced Big Fishing 1.1.0, an update of their fishing game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The $1.99 app offers five maps designed from actual maps and 56 different types of fish, players travel globally to Dokdo Island, Maldives, Florida, Cape Town and New Zealand. The texture and movements of the fish are similar to real-life fishing experiences, distinguishing itself from other ordinary fishing games.

Corbenic Consulting has updated Fuel Economy Calculator — a travel utility for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices — to version 1.3. The $0.99 app checks how efficiently a vehicle uses its fuel. A driver simply needs to enter some details when they fill up at the pump and over a couple of stops the app can work out how fuel efficient their car is. The update includes an Export function allowing the fueling log data to be used in the “Spending Log” companion app.

Jerry Kuhlman has released Viniyoga Master with Stan Hafner 1.0.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The $3.99 app offers everyone the tools they need for flexible, viniyoga instruction from Master Stan Hafner. The app includes complete guidance for 56 basic core postures, offers 12 practice routines, and is invaluable as a teaching resource.

Undoda has updated Undoda and the Mind’s Eye for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, to version 1.1. An original tale full of new characters, the $1.99 app adds a new twist to the children’s storybook category by integrating three “multimind” learning games designed to improve kid’s spelling, reading and abstract thinking abilities.

Ignition Soft has rolled out SplitCam 1.0.2, an update of its free, camera app exclusively for iOS devices. It’s a camera app that splits photos into halves to tell an unordinary story with ordinary objects.

Nevosoft has updated their iOS game Dream Sleuth to version 1.2. It’s a hidden object game with puzzles and original mini-games. You play from the perspective of a girl who is solving a mystery, with the help of some surreal psychic dreams. Many objects and locations in the rooms can be manipulated to uncover other items. The iPhone/iPod touch version is $2.99; the iPad version costs $4.99.

Anvartec has served up version 1.1 of SOLight offering full support for the iPad 2. The $3.99 app shows the sun paths throughout year. SOLight is used whenever you want to know how long there is direct sunlight. SOLight calculates the exact sun paths for your current GPS location.

Intuitive Computers has updated Playroom Racer for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad to version 1.2. It’s a $1.99 micro racer game in top-down racing style. Included with this update is a new car, Bunny Wagon, Game Center support, decrease in star price of playrooms and Retina display support for the iPhone 4.

An update of the $0.99 Flick Golf HD for iPad has just hit the App Store. It now sports Game Center support, a Quickshot Pro mode, platinum trophies and five new courses to sink the perfect hole in one.

Dreamix Studio has served up Run Trainer 1.4 for iOS. The app offers 40 weeks of training with your personal trainer trough your iPhone or iPod touch. It includes free run info, iPod integration, the ability to create a profile, statistics and GPS tracking. Additional training schedules are available as in-app purchases.