There’s not even a release date for the iPhone 5, but speculation on the iPhone 6 has already started, it seems.

Apple has reportedly selected Sharp to create next-generation low-temperature poly-silicon LCD displays, which will allow a thinner and lighter design for the anticipated sixth-generation iPhone in 2012, according to the Japanese newspaper, “Nikkan,” as reported by “AppleInsider” (

The liquid crystal display on the iPhone 6 — expected in 2010 — will reportedly sport “low-temperature poly-silicon” technology, a next-generation display format that allows for thinner and lighter screens that consume less power than traditional LCD screens. In a “p-Si LCD,” the thin film transistor, or TFT, of the screen is made of polycristalline silicon. With this method, the display drivers can be mounted directly onto the glass substrate, shrinking the TFT section and allowing for a thinner LCD display, says “AppleInsider.”