Scosche Industries ( has announced the availability the switchBACK surge g4, an US$79.99 backup battery and kickstand case for iPhone 4.  

It sports an integrated kickstand and an internal 1800mAh lithium-ion battery, purportedly capable of charging a dead iPhone 4 up to 80% full. Scosche’s accompanying, free reVIVE app (pictured) provides detailed battery information so users know exactly how much juice they have left.

Four blue LED lights indicate the surge’s battery life and the included micro-USB cable allows for recharging and synching the iPhone 4 with the case on. The case will provides an additional 275 hours of standby, up to 12 hours of talk time, up to 36 hours of audio, up to nine hours of Wi-Fi, or up to nine hours of video. The Scosche switchBACK surge g4 come with two interchangeable polycarbonate backs (gloss black and metallic silver) and is compatible with both the AT&T Verizon iPhone 4 models.