Wacom (http://www.wacom.com) has announced the US$29.95 Bamboo Stylus, a new input device created specifically for use with the iPad. Due in mid-May, it will offer an “intuitive and natural way to experience note-taking, sketching, drawing, and other forms of creative expression on the iPad,” says Rick Peterson, director of Consumer Brands at Wacom Technology Services.

The Bamboo Stylus sports a black and silver design with satin-textured metal body and balanced weighting. The tip of the stylus is 25% narrower (6mm vs. 8mm) in diameter than some of the other solutions on the market today, says Peterson.

The additional functionality of the Bamboo Stylus brings a more accurate and precise way to take notes in meetings and classroom settings, or to sketch out rough ideas while on the go, he adds. For example, users can improve their input experience with numerous applications developed for iPad, such as Penultimate for note-taking and Autodesk SketchBook Mobile for sketching needs.