So many of you have emailed about how I’m doing with the recent disaster in my neck of the woods, I simply don’t have time to write each and every one. But your thoughts are more appreciated than you can imagine. But here’s the short version….

The Great Flood of 2010, they’re calling it. Nothing great about it. Middle Tennessee got the most rain in history over the weekend and into Monday, and there were floods everywhere. Eleven people died (and maybe more; that’s the tally as I write this).

So all things considered I’m lucky. Not happy, but lucky. My basement has 13 inches of water in it. My stationary bike and my Bowflex are ruined. My comic book collection is ruined. And some of my electronics stuff was ruined. In case you think I was nuts for putting all this down there, let me just say in my defense that my abode and home office is located on a HIGH hill and not in a flood plane.

Anyway, as my son Matt and I were rushing to get stuff out of the basement as the water, I slipped on the wet steps and went tumbling down the steps. I’ve banged up my back, neck and hip, which will probably put a lid on softball for the foreseeable future. But I’m alive. My family is alive. And the destroyed stuff is just that. Stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m back at work (obviously) between bouts of house repair. And if you’ve emailed me or otherwise tried to contact me, I apologize. But Mother Nature must have her way.