Oten — the company behind several Apple accessory brands such as Sena and DomeSkin — has launched a new group-buying website targeted directly to Apple enthusiasts and owners of any Apple products.

The new website, OrderBorder.com, will feature accessories, software, and peripherals for iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs, and Macbooks. Murat Yesildal, vice president of Order Border, says the site differentiates itself from other group-buying websites with its unique focus on Apple gear, and also the “Borderline Price” concept. He says the borderline price is the absolute lowest price limit that:

° Either the group can reach with its growing size, as users join the deal;

° Or an individual can reach with a new social-media based point system.

The unique point system provides users the power to accumulate points, not only with every purchase, but also by inviting their FaceBook friends and others to join in on the savings, says Yesildal. This empowers users to earn extra points when their friends purchase the same product from OrderBorder.com, he adds. Points can be used to pull the purchase price down even farther than everybody else in the group.

Initially, the deals will be limited to two deals a week. The first deal features an US$50 voucher from premium leather case manufacturer Sena. This deal starts with a 42% savings. Additional upcoming deals listed are from Elgato, Macally, and Matias.