Dalet Digital Media Systems (http://www.dalet.com) has debuted at this week’s NAB show the debuted today at NAB 2011 the Dalet Sports Factory, which the company says is the industry’s first enterprise MAM (Media Asset Management) workflow solution developed specifically for sports production.

Dalet Sports Factory manages the challenges of fast-paced, live event and post-game coverage by leveraging the MAM capabilities of Dalet Enterprise Edition with purpose-built sports logging, clipping and replay tools. The combination produces a cohesive, high-speed workflow that delivers winning results, says Stephane Schlayen, chief operating officer, Dalet.

“In addition, our enterprise MAM layer natively brings the support of a wide range of video servers or I/O ports, including our Brio but also EVS, K2 or Omneon,” he says. “In short, it is now possible to empower an existing sports platform with our MAM framework.”

The Media Asset Management platform in Dalet Sports Factory “glues” together the different components of the production chain, delivering a streamlined workflow with content enriched every step of the way, says Schlayen. There’s no struggle finding shots, no redundant logging or repeating mark-ins and outs, he adds.

Metadata entered during logging and highlight creation reside with the media; the intelligent search engine in Sports Factory drills down to return the right clips so operators can y re-purpose content for broadcast, online or mobile use. Archives are also connected directly to the production, giving post-production significant boosts in efficiency.

Dalet Sports Factory includes specialized tools such as: ne-button logging with Dalet Sports Logger; highlights, playlist creation and playback using Dalet Hilites Espresso; and instant replays with Dalet Media Replay. Dalet Sports Factory is configurable for any sport, from basketball, football and baseball to hockey, tennis and volleyball.

Dalet Sports Factory integrates with sports systems and NLEs, including Final Cut Pro and Avid. With media accessible through any Dalet or web client, Sports Factory enables collaboration among disparate workgroups, says Schlayen. Contact Dalet Digital Media Systems for pricing options.