Another day, another lawsuit. Walker Digital ( has filed suit in Delaware “to stop the unauthorized use of its intellectual property rights and to recover its substantial investment in innovation.” In total, 15 suits have been filed against more than 100 defendants, including Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Wal-Mart, Groupon, Sony and Google.

Walker Digital Chairman Jay S. Walker is the founder of, Synapse and other companies. He’s also the lead inventor on a majority of the company’s patents and applications.

“Filing these lawsuits is not a step we sought or preferred,” says Walker Digital’s CEO Jon Ellenthal. “We have reached out to a wide range of companies that are engaging in commercial activities that clearly depend on inventions created and owned by Walker Digital. Unfortunately, many of these companies have refused to engage in meaningful negotiations that acknowledge the market value they derive from the use of our property.

IP Navigation Group is acting as Walker Digital’s intellectual property advisor. Walker Digital wants to license its intellectual property and not to prolong the legal process, says Ellenthal.