Class on Demand, a provider of professional educational products for creative markets, has expanded its “Class on Demand ‘Legends’ Series” training initiative (

Powered by the Class on Demand Learning Platform’s streaming video server, “Class on Demand ‘Legends’ Series” offers beginners and seasoned professionals a chance to attend short-format training seminars from their home or office computer. The seminars, webinars, and workshops share exciting techniques from digital media and post-production gurus, including Final Cut tutorial Legend, Larry Jordan.

The latest Legend to come on board is video lighting veteran, Carl Gundestrup. With over 30-years of experience under his belt, Gundestrup’s resume is packed with big name projects that include the likes of NBC, ABC, Industrial Light & Magic, Pepsi, Bath and Body Works, America’s Most Wanted, Xango, and the Utah Jazz.  

Gundestrup’s “Class on Demand ‘Legends’ Series” courses explore the process of lighting a green screen, as well as the lighting principles used every day by industry technicians. “Green Screen Lighting” depicts the importance of light separation between the green screen and talent, and shows how to light — from a small kit up to six or more lights — for custom looks and lighting in confined spaces. Gundestrup also covers typical green screen and talent lighting issues and how to address them.

Jordan is also adding new training to the “Legends” curriculum. The new Final Cut Tutorial explores file management and workflows, working with multiple video formats, and 3D space in three separate parts.

Designed as an introduction to file management and workflow in Final Cut Pro, “Final Cut Workflow and Media Management” discusses the file handling, optimizing, managing, and querying features of the program. “Managing Projects with Multiple Video Formats” provides insight into why so many different formats exist and provides a series of road-maps that users can navigate to simplify the editing process. Last but not least, Jordan’s “Using 3D Cameras, Sets and Lights in Motion 4” is a more advanced training title that takes users through creating cameras, lights, and sets, then animating them in 3D space with Motion 4.

For more information about the ‘Legends’ Series, including a full list of available webinars, please visit . The “Class on Demand ‘Legends’ Series” webinars featuring Carl Gundestrup — “Green Screen Lighting” and “Introduction to Lighting for Film & Video” — are priced at US$39 and $59, respectively. Each “Class on Demand ‘Legends’ Series” webinar featuring Larry Jordan is priced at $34.99.