Apple ordered as much as 12PB — yep, 12 petabyes or 12,000 terabytes — of capacity from Isilon Systems (, notably to manage the video download of its customers using iTunes, according to “Storage Newsletter” (, quoting an inside source of the new division of EMC. It’s probably the largest of its 1,500 customers recorded at the end of December, including 20% in Europe, the article adds.

Apple’s deal with Isilon was said to “probably” make the iPhone maker the largest customer of the storage provider, according to “AppleInsider” ( Other clients of Isilon include, Clear Channel, MySpace, NBC Universal, Sony, World Wrestling Entertainment, XM Satellite Radio.

Isilon’s Scale-out Storage Platform, powered by the OneFS operating system, combines a suite of management applications and enterprise-class hardware. The company’s three product lines provide a range of options to address enterprise storage needs. Isilon’s software applications provide enterprise-grade storage management, protection, and distribution capabilities.

— Dennis Sellers