Another day, another lawsuit. Michael Katz, a Florida man in his 60s, has sued Apple, alleging that he was denied promotions when he worked at the company’s retail store because of his age, reports “AppleInsider” (

He claims Apple violating the state’s Civil Rights Act, as he believes he was subjected to discrimination based on his age. The complaint, filed this week, seeks damages in excess of US$15,000.

“AppleInsider” says Katz began working as a Mac specialist at the Apple store at Millennia Mall in Orlando in March 2006, when he was 60 years old. In his lawsuit, he says he expressed his desire to be promoted to the title of “Creative.”

In his tenure at the Apple store, there were “several” openings for creatives at the store, and Katz claims he applied each time but was denied the position. Those who were selected for the job were at least 15 years younger than him, he said.