A survey of 250 working developers released by Baird’s William Powers — as reported by “Fortune” (http://macte.ch/QHDO2) — believes Android’s market share gains may be illusory — especially when the rise of the iPad is taken into account — and that as a development environment, Google’s OS is, well, a mess.

Per Baird’s survey 71% of respondents said they were writing apps for Android, and 62% said they were writing for iOS. But, “Fortune” notes, the survey also suggests that programmers writing for Android are finding the ecosystem to be every bit as perilous as Arment predicted.
Among the problems that surfaced:

° Device fragmentation. 56% of Android developers said that operating system fragmentation among the various Android devices was a meaningful or “huge” problem, a percentage that actually increased over the past three months.

° Store fragmentation. Several developers expressed concern over Android app store fragmentation.

° Ease of development. iOS outscored Android

° Ability to get paid. The iOS leads here.