SoftRAID, LLC announces the release and immediate shipment of SoftRAID 3.6.6.

Sebastapool, CA

SoftRAID 3.6.6 is an update which improves Leopard compatibility and adds
the ability to convert SoftRAID volumes to Apple format (including Apple

SoftRAID 3.6.6 fixes several bugs with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) which have
been reported over the past several months. SoftRAID 3.6.6 also
incorporates many work-arounds for bugs in the currently shipping version
of Leopard (version 10.5.1).

SoftRAID 3.6.6 now allows users to convert their SoftRAID disks to Apple
disk format (and back to SoftRAID afterwards). Non-RAID SoftRAID volumes
are converted to standard Apple volumes, while SoftRAID stripe and mirror
volumes are converted to Apple RAID volumes with this feature. This is
useful for firmware updating which requires standard Apple volumes, for
compatibility / performance testing and to allow users to try out
SoftRAID’s unique features with zero risk.

“This version of SoftRAID is our best yet”, said Timothy Standing, Vice
President of Engineering at SoftRAID, “we can now offer our users the same
level of performance and reliability with Leopard which they have enjoyed
for the past several years with SoftRAID volumes on Macs running Tiger.”

SoftRAID continues to be the most cost effective method and reliable method
of providing both real-time and off-site backup for busy professionals,
small businesses and server administrators. No other backups solution
combines the ability to seamlessly recover from hardware failures without
stopping work with the most reliable form of offsite backup. In addition,
SoftRAID users don’t have to worry about the data corruption issues which
plague other solutions like TimeMachine. (link = artnum=306853)

For more information about SoftRAID 3.6.6, and for review copies, contact
us at

The SoftRAID 3.6.6 release is a free electronic upgrade to all 3.x owners.
The SoftRAID 3.6.4 electronic download is $129 and the retail CD is $149,
both available from the SoftRAID website and retail outlets worldwide.

All registered users will receive a free upgrade via email.

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