Blaze Software, released a report Thursday in which it said the Android was 52% faster than the iPhone loading Web pages. The company purportedlly did 45,000 tests with the mobile operating systems to get their results.

“Their testing is flawed because they didn’t actually test the Safari web browser on the iPhone,” Apple spokesperson, Natalie Kerris, told “The Loop” ( “Instead they only tested their own proprietary app which uses an embedded web viewer that doesn’t take advantage of Safari’s web performance optimizations. Despite this fundamental testing flaw, they still only found an average of a second difference in loading web pages.”

The problem of course, is that the embedded browser used in the tests had no JavaScript speed improvements, says “The Loop.” While it’s not mentioned in Blaze’s press release, they did the time difference between Android and iPhone page loading in the documentation, and it comes out to just over one second, the article adds.