Real Software ( has announced the first 2011 release of its flagship product, Real Studio.

The new 2011 Release 1 — affecting both the Web and Desktop Editions –contains 114 improvements and 35 new features, including simplified web application deployment capabilities, as well as new Microsoft SQL Server support.

With the 2011 Release 1, Real Software is helping developers to deploy web applications much faster and easier with a new CGI option that automatically outputs a Perl script and acts as a gateway between the web server and the application, says Geoff Perlman, founder and CEO of Real Software. The new product also includes a new, native Microsoft SQL Server plugin, providing easier deployment and better performance, he adds.

In Real Studio 2011 Release 1, the new CGI option outputs a Perl script that acts as a gateway between the web server and the web application. The Perl script goes in the cgi-bin folder allowing for easier hosting and supporting many more hosting services.

A new, native Microsoft SQL Server plugin has been added for easier deployment and improved performance. This plugin supports Windows only.

Real Studio 2011 Release 1 boasts improved web application exception handling. The session class now has an unhandled exception event to make it easier to trap exceptions that weren’t handled in code, says Perlman.

There’s improved web application JavaScript error handling, enhanced web application file uploading, a beefed-up HTMLViewer, multiuser support for RealSQLDatabase, an improved WebListBox, improved Mac OS X clipboard support and improved Cocoa support.

Real Studio 2011 Release 1 is currently available to all current and new Real Software customers. To download 2011 Release 1, visit .