Micromat (http://www.micromat.com) has released Tool Pro 6 for Mac OS X. The new version of the diagnostics, maintenance and drive repair tool adds features to help Mac users diagnose hardware problems and make it easier to fix issues on their hard drives.

Volume Cloning has been added for creating duplicates of volumes or disk images for volume recovery, archiving or for upgrading. TechTool Pro 6 can create an emergency start-up volume on the active hard drive using its eDrive technology, eliminating the need for using a boot DVD for most users or having to burn an eDrive on a secondary source to repair a Mac’s internal drive. Plus, TechTool Pro’s upgraded eDrive technology no longer requires Apple’s boot disk updates to keep the software current, says Christian Pickman, Micromat’s product manager for TechTool Pro.

TechTool Pro 6 features a new Local Network Tool, which shows the active services and ports on each selected Mac or Bonjour supported device on the local area network. This information is helpful when strengthening security on a specific machine or on the overall LAN, and since device history is tracked, it allows for tracking of machines or devices that were in use in the past but are no longer available, Pickman says.

The new benefits in TechTool Pro 6 improve the capability for Mac users to identify impending problems, provide ongoing maintenance and fix hard drive issues on their own systems to help prevent costly repairs in the future, he adds. While maintaining previous version pricing, TechTool Pro 6 now ships in a Family Pack that can be installed on up to 3 CPU’s to fill the needs of households using multiple Macs.

TechTool Pro 6 is available direct by download from Micromat, with Family Packs for US$99.99, and Family Pack upgrades for users of any previous version of TechTool Pro, TechTool Deluxe or TechTool Platinum priced at $39.99.

Business Packs (10 users) are $299.99. Specially priced academic versions for TechTool Pro 6 can be ordered for $39.99.

TechTool Pro 6 can also be purchased from popular resellers and distributors worldwide, with localized versions available in Japanese, French, German, Italian and Chinese.